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12 Days of Minion Christmas ›› Day 12

Anything about Ty and Zane: Best Christmas memory

Zane: My best Christmas?

Ty: Sure.

Zane: Well. I was stuck in this holding cell, staring at a fake plastic wreath, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. And you told me you loved me.

Ty: That’s… is that really your best Christmas memory?

Zane: Of course.

Ty: Mine too.

(from the Christmas interview with Ty and Zane)



For those who are alone, 

For those who are with family yet feeling lonely. 

For those who can just use a comfort hug. No other reason required.

Yes please. Send all the hugs this way.

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!!

Hope you’re all having fun filled festive days!
and if xmas isn’t your thing remember it’ll all be over soon, do something you enjoy doing!

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This has got to be my favourtie song from my favourite Christmas film!

‘It’s in the singing of a street corner choir…’

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(photo by granthalamew)

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A man may be known by the tree he trims… which one are you?  Detail from 1950 Hunter’s Whiskey ad.