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1.01: Pilot

I had heard about Spn on LJ, but didn’t really felt the need to look it up. Then I saw that they where gonna air it on Dutch television. So I watched it. And got hooked right away. XD

 1.01: Pilot

Think there where 2 seasons out (on dvd with 3rd being shown on TV) when I started watching. Heard many good things, borrowed the DVDs and while house sitting for a friend watched season one and half of season two on DVD over a few days, literally did nothing else but sleep and maybe eat XD

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Dorkly Bits: Mario with a Portal Gun

Watch it!!!!

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i think we have a winner!


Dr Sketchy’s ~ April 2011

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New post but ‘back dating’ so that it’s on the blog, so that when the ‘dr sketchy’s’ tag is clicked all the post shall come up in order ~ hopefully improvement will be noticable

This was the first Dr Sketchy’s (more info in later post ~ July) that I attended, waaaay back in April. The theme of the night was Japanese and had raffle tickets and buns/tea that could be bought, all proceeds going to the Japanese tsuani relief or some such charity helping with that

The art of Japanese rope binding (again, or something like that) was used on the first model








five minute sketches








I can’t remember how long we had for these sketches but the bottom one was a ‘theme/compatition’ ~ manga/chibbi style. I gave it an admittidelty half assed attempt








Yeah this one was another ‘theme’ ~ in the style of Kanji – Japanese writing (I think this one may actually be my favourite, probably because it’s not actually meant to look like anything, well it is but it isn’t)

Model change!








Two minute sketches

The reason behind the ‘sim’ diamond is because the music playing was very ‘sims’ esque. It was also rather atmospheric at times, reflecting how much panic there was in trying to get everything down in two minutes








a couple of Five minute poses

Before the model did a little strip routine








Ten minutes

This was another ‘theme’ one ~ the model wanted ‘really cute, kawaii(??)’ pictures
~ yeah, I failed at that bit, I also failed at drawing for ten minutes, giving up half way through








Another ten minute pose that I gave up on half way through

If there was anything I brought out of these session, it was to try and darw for the full amount of time