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OK Tumblr stop unfollowing people without my say sooo, its getting really annoying trying to find them all again

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My shiny new piercing ~ the front one 😛

its about an hour old


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My tumblr appears to have unfollowed like 14 blogs for no reason grrrrrrr

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A proper Vampire film

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Am watching ‘From Dusk till Dawn’ what a proper vampire film should be like, where the only things that sparkles are the strippers ‘clothing’ and possibily some form of pussy


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This flat is so cold I’m actually looking forward to going out in 20 mins, nowhere special only ASDA but its gotta be warmer then here…well maybe not in the fridge section but the rest has to be, I bet the even the car parks warmer

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I’m having to remake my cyber CD since the cold killed the one in my car ~ this is such a good song to drive to….not so good for the roadrage though

Again? Seriously??

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I have never known anyone hover as much as the people living above me. They hover at odd times too ~ like 1am on a Saturday ~ I’m debating making a tally

 About half of that lot applies to me ~ guess I’m a kid of half the 90s