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Says they can’t flirt but can flirt like a love God: LEO, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Taurus

Can flirt without trying, but when they try, it’s horrible: Virgo, Pisces, SCORPIO, Aries

Can’t flirt for shit: Cancer, Aquarius

Always flirting whether they know it or not: LIBRA, Gemini



aries: the definition of a fuckboy but they actually have a soul. literally don’t give two shits about the haters and are some of the most loyal friends i’ve ever encountered. have very sudden growth periods. super dedicated to anything they put their mind to. ALSO OH MY GOD SO GOOD WITH THE TONGUE 

taurus: very eccentric, don’t really know how to deal with emotions. get flustered easily but it’s kinda cute. dreamy demeanor. will ignore the hell out of u if u fuck them over. are lowkey terrified of everything but will probs never admit that as they have some weird element of ego tied into that. 

gemini: really chill people when u get to know them but will scare the shit out of u for like six years if u don’t approach them. do not fucking piss them off as they will butcher yo ass with their tongue and hang u up for the rest of the world to see. probably has daddy issues. writers. really physically attractive and everybody is intimidated as fuck by it. dumb as hell in terms of love and will flirt with you incessantly. REALLY FUCKIN GOOD WITH THEIR HANDS LIKE DAMN. 

cancer: big hearts. fuckin adorable little water signs that are likely drowning in a puddle of their own tears. do not know how to fucking flirt to save their lives. their laughs are kooky as hell and i love it. probably smoke weed. u either love ‘em or want to kill them or are in some poorly balanced inbetween.

leo: okay y’all needa settle down a bit. fragile fuckin egos if i’ve ever seen ‘em and react hardcore if u piss them off. pretty over the top with everything. but damn, are some of the most hopelessly romantic motherfuckers i’ve met. will treat you like a fucking god(dess) if u let them. not super good at social cues tbh. good friends to have if u need to be validated. need quality time. 

virgo: y’all are lowkey hoes and give no fucks about it and it’s fucking great omfg. despite that, they maintain an endearing innocence and can be childish af when things don’t go their way but will love u until the end of time. great taste in music. super fucking smart but don’t show it off too often. 

libra: jesus christ okay i love u guys. super understanding and will always try to see all sides of a situation. probably have been through a lot. aren’t afraid to call u on ur shit and are lowkey emotional shawtys that are still trying to find themselves. make really wonderful parents. get crazy excited over little shit and it’s fucking adorable. 

scorpio: don’t fuck with these hoes unless u know urself first. will expose the parts of urself that u didn’t want to see. super gnarly in fights and will love u until the end of time. pretty standoffish and need time alone when emotionally unstable. keep themselves in amazing shape. are the loneliest fucks i know; be kind to them always. are probably in great shape (physically.)

sagittarius: craziest mofos out there. abandon all emotions before going into a situation and can be super impulsive. funny as fuck and always seem to be on another level. push themselves to the limit and usually forget to give themselves a break. ambitious and can get shit done when they need to. 

capricorn: talk about a ride or die. y’all are loyal to the grave and are incredible friends. until u get fucked over. will probably make ur enemies’ life a living hell, sometimes over-the-top about it. can be v athletic. good writers/artists. really interested in spirituality and the ethereal realms. u guys know what to do in bed and flirt hard af. also so fucking funny oh my god. 

aquarius: amazing friends. probably hate u. easily excitable. space cadets 4 life. rly good with animals and love food but probably restrict their eating habits in one way or another. a paradox in that they are fucking driven as hell to get shit done but give zero fucks at the same time. lowkey kinky af. want to kiss everyone. 

pisces: emotional shawtys through and through. physically attractive as hell. not good at romantic relationships. won’t forget about u for a million years. keep their friends close but will push u the fuck away if they get scared. insecure and just want u to stick around.

Stop fucking reading me!


Aries: uses bodily ingredients such as hair or teeth or nails, wild and free and howling at the moon, fire tells them what they want to know, embraces all but does not tolerate betrayal, gifted in the use of poppets and curses, full of energy and static and power

Taurus: a collector of many things, uses crystals and herbs, proficient in kitchen magic, has an inner strength that knows no bounds and no true master, a home full of colored glass and jars filled with anything you could ever need, rooted and able, wears robes with many many pockets

Gemini: a card reader and game changer, spoken spells fill the very air with magic and potential, an avid learner and sharer of their craft, books and tomes and candles fill their space, knows the power of words and names, tattoos sigils and spells all over their body and they seem to move when you aren’t looking, vast and uncontainable

Cancer: rests under the moon and whispers magic in their sleep, uses astral projection to explore and learn and play with ghosts, elaborate and detailed dream diary, deep understanding of astrology, somehow already knows what you’re going to say, mysterious and soft but only on the surface, a knower of secrets, sleepy eyes, lives in a tree in a misty forest and makes friends with the plants and spirits there

Leo: strongest in the day and has eyes that light up the night, mighty voice and skilled hands, breath carries a spark, animalistic energy you can feel when they look at you, makes their own spells borrows their own power, incredible visualization makes their dreams realities, difficult to look at directly for reasons you don’t really understand, wild hair and adorned in gems

Virgo: techno witch, weaves magic into code and text, keeps a blog as their book of shadows and altar, urban magic, has a restless mind and busy hands, deletes negativity out of their life, has much information to share despite their hollow look, eyes are lit from the inside, their phone is full of pictures that keep moving and notes only they can read

Libra: covered in veils and breathes perfume to hide themselves and confuse you, summons creatures and demons to do their bidding so their hands remain clean, almost transparent at times like a ghost or vision, is stronger than they look and delights in you not knowing their power, their mouth is almost always moving but you can’t hear what they say, soft to the touch but their skin is cold, trinkets and charms and chains adorn them and their home

Scorpio: eyes and nails are dark and caked in black, frequents graveyards and learns from the ghosts and crows, solitary witch who makes friends with bones, will help you learn what you want to know for a price, is afraid to sleep, quiet and haunted, is reborn each new moon, is full of knowing and fog and promise, takes a lock of hair from all they help, you feel them in your core

Sagittarius: rides their broom with reckless abandon, plays with the children on Halloween and shows them magic is real, their home has legs and never stays still, keeps many familiars and most are birds, gifted in charms and potions and sells their work with a smile, you can hear them laughing with the moon at night, chapped lips and wide eyes, magic is erratic and spontaneous and they couldn’t control it if they wanted to

Capricorn: loose black and gray clothing that flows when they walk, keeps a pouch of salt around their neck at all times, face is often covered or hard to see, protection spells and sigils are their innate ability, the floor trembles when they are angry, always watching watching watching, lives in a stone cottage covered with moss and scrawlings and carvings, other witches are silent around them out of fear and awe

Aquarius: hermit, storm witch, plays with rain and dances with lightning and shouts thunder, keeps trinkets and mementos in small jars around their bed, asks favors and learns from the clouds, raw and swift and ready to act, soft as a summer rain and cold as hail, hair is full of leaves and wind, feet are dirty but their mind is clean and sharp

Pisces: smells of salt and dressed in rags and burlap and pearls, misty eyes that look through you and deep deep down in you, water witch with a soft face and an ocean for a heart, thing of the sea, empath who sometimes knows you better than you do, bottles own tears and keeps them for spells, witch of all trades master of none, head is full of crashing waves, overflowing with magic and wonder


Aries – Aries rules the top of the head and eyes. Therefore, the hair and eyes are noticeable in some way. Intense color contrast is typical. Wiry and curly very blond, very red, or very black hair seems typical. The head may rise up at the crown. Eyes that are full of zest and spark. Often, the mouth is sharply drawn and compressed. Shoulders are broad and hips are narrow. The face bears the shape of a triangle. Males have more of a feminine look as the females have faces that would be called “handsome”.

Taurus – The Bulls have a pleasing face, plump features with full sensual lips. The face is usually oval with a prominent middle part. The nose is rounded and upturned. Their complexion is fair and they have thick, shiny hair. The body is well-proportioned. They take their appearance seriously and wear stylish clothes with good taste. They carry themselves with grace. The whole physique gives an impression of elegance with some degree of strength at the same time. The ears are prominent. The face is broad. The lower lip is full and may stick out a little. Their necks are usually thick and solid. Full, striking eyebrows. Most Tauruses are big boned and have concerns about their weight.

Gemini – Highly expressive faces, reflecting their mood-of-the-moment. Often graced with “small features” – it sounds odd, but look at the face, and it may seem somewhat doll-like, with the features more centered than spread out. Physically agile with a naturally slim build. Most often pale-complected, with restless eyes that seem to take in everything all at once, they frequently possess high foreheads, short trunks, full lips, pale skin, small busts, asymmetrical features (one side the “good twin”, and the other side the “bad twin) long limbs and fine feline bone structure. The veins are visible and at times, the nose will have a reddish tinge. High cheekbones. Their nervousness makes them jittery.

Cancer – Their most prominent feature is a round face. Even when skinny they frequently have rounded soft features, and apple cheeks. This sign rules the stomach and breasts, and these are often noticeable in some way (even in men) The pecs and breasts may be large or small, but tend to be well-formed and pleasing to the eye in either case. Rounded eyes tend to give a “moony” or “dreamy” expression. High cheekbones and a prominent brow compliment the look. Strong jawline. Extremely expressive features with long limbs compared to the thick trunk – even short natives often have a “lanky” look to their arms and legs. The corners of their lips arch upwards, giving them a natural smile. The lips tend to be full as the smile is wide. The eyes sit far apart on the face.

Leo – In keeping with their Zodiacal symbol, lions frequently have mane-like hair, framing their keen-eyed, well-shaped faces. These natives have cat-like characteristics, especially in the face. There is always a look of an easy smile in the eyes, they are full of joy. The skin condition is usually good, the skin color has a golden tint. They will have a regal bearing, erect posture, and graceful, dramatic movements. Eyes tend to be almond shaped, often a dark shade. They may have a tendency toward “bad backs,” or pain in the back, neck, and sometimes the shoulder area, although the shoulders themselves tend to be strong and broad.

Virgo – Gentle and graceful of movement, as well as a youthful appearance, they tend to seem younger than their years. Look for bright, clear eyes with a gentle but direct expression. They can be obsessed by their own appearance, seeing flaws that no one else does, and they go to lengths to “hide” them. Frequently they can look somewhat fragile, but surprise you with their physical strength. Digestive problems, upset stomachs, and outbreaks of nervousness and insecurity are frequent. The face is oval shaped, yet not full but slim. Faces with a lot of character. Fleshy noses. Well-shaped, curvy lips. Slender fingers. Virgos tend to have remarkable physiques, and they carry themselves very well.

Libra – As their Zodiac sign of scales tell us, Librans are found to be quite balanced in their physical appearance. They have a proportionate body and even if they put on weight, it is evenly spread on their entire body. Both male and female Librans are of medium height and regular build. They tend to have a curvy body and have a graceful movement. The skin of Librans has a healthy glow. They have silken somewhat curly and light shaded hair. The structure of their face is quite symmetrical with the round head top and long, tapering at the chin. The Librans have finely chiseled lips. Their voice quality is soft and melodious, and can easily attract as well as demand attention from anybody. The women may be tomboys as the males may be feminine.

Scorpio – This intense sign is really is all about the eyes. Dark or light, the gaze will be piercing and direct, and unless they’re shooting vengeful daggers from them, people will often comment on how beautiful their eyes are. Direct eye contact is this sign’s hallmark, they are never “shifty eyed.” Sharp features, prominent cheekbones and noses, are common, some what similar to that of a bird of prey. These people tend to have strong constitutions, and often powerful-looking physiques. Many are pale-complected (remember, “paleness” does not always equate to “whiteness”) and can maintain the famous poker-face, able to keep their inner emotions from their outward expressions. Ruling the reproductive organs, these natives may be prone to possible health problems in this region of the body. Magnetic and mysterious, sensual and compelling is their natural gift.

Sagittarius – “Clumsy grace” is this sign’s most noticeable physical trait. This may sound contradictory, but it’s really not. Think of a newborn foal, teetering and tottering on its legs, while still showing glimpses of the powerful, athletic horse it will one day become. Openness and friendliness show in the Archer’s face and posture. You may find these natives may lean forward when conversing with you, getting physically closer to engage emotional closeness. Broad foreheads and cheerful expressions are the norm, as are quick movements and dramatic gestures. They often have beautiful, clear, sparkling eyes. Naturally, they tend toward a strong, athletic build, but can become plump when they reach their thirties, due to their love of food. Sagittarius people are very strong, tall or very tall in most cases, with full and open features, often smiling lips, and thick hair. “Horse-like” features (i.e. long faces, big gums, large teeth). Super attractive.

Capricorn – The Capricorns physical characteristics include a serious looking individual with penetrating eyes that can see beyond truth and lies. This trait can make some people uncomfortable to say the least. Seldom smiling on the outside, they are usually laughing on the inside. By looking into their deep and sharp eyes, you will see a focused individual with a soft heart. Having an athletic upper body with a slender lower body is another common physical trait. Deep set eyes and larger – higher foreheads are also common with Capricorns. It is said that wide or large foreheads is a sign of logical and intellectual thinking. Making excellent leaders, you may start to notice that many of the great Capricorn born leaders and authority figures throughout history carried this physical characteristic. One of the more unique features is their ability to look older than their age when they are young, and than start looking younger than their age as they get older.

Aquarius – The body structure of most Aquarius people tends to be slim and tall though the neck can be relatively short and thick. Oval faces.They have an attractive sharp nose and dark-thick hair that tends towards curls or waviness. Their eyes contain some magic and mysterious knowledge or even some “vagueness”. Complexion is pale and height is usually taller than average. Profile is finely chiseled. Tall, long, legs. They usually have thin figures, and model-esque, angular, facial features. Bone structure tends to be on the large side. The mouth is closed rather tightly, but the lips may appear half-smiling much of the time. Distinctive faces. “Striking” features. Something about their appearance is so unique.

Pisces – Adorable, eccentric, facial features. Wonderful, clear glowing skin, adorable noses, and beautiful mouths. The smiles are beautiful, warm and charming. . Pisces men and women are probably without a doubt some of the most beautiful people in the universe who simultaneously happen to have no concern over their physical appearance. So their style may look a bit clumsy or careless, slovenly – like they just got out of bed and didn’t try much. But they don’t have to. Their body and face are full of dimples. The head is uniquely shaped. The eyes are the most prominent feature of a Pisces, looking almost fish-like as they protrude. Their eyes can be quite hypnotic, soulful, dreamy, with lots of liquid and thick eyelids. Their eyes are full of strange lights and are compelling; magical. It is hard to describe a Pisces’ physical appearance, because their features can be known as “vague”. No matter what gender, they will always give an aura of feminine mystery. When they walk it can seem a lot like “floating” or “gliding”. The feet are either smaller or bigger than usual. They rarely have enemies and are very good at attracting the opposite sex. Fish-like appearance. The hair is curly, wavy and silky, reminiscent of the ocean. The shoulders are muscular and broad. They have the softest features out of all the signs. Can have the physical appearance of all the signs at once.

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the signs as words

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 aries: exulansis; the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it.

taurus: sonder; the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

gemini: voopret; pre-fun, the sense of enjoyment felt before an event takes place.

cancer: limerence; the state of being infatuated with another person.

leo: mauerbauertraurigkeit; the inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends who you really like.

virgo: gnossienne; 

moment of awareness that someone you’ve known for years still has a private and mysterious inner life.

libra: mamihlapinatapai; two people looking at each other each hoping the other will do what both desire but neither is willing to do.

scorpio: werifesteria; to wander longingly through the forest in search of mistery.

sagittarius: tsundoku; the act of buying a book and leaving it unread, often piled together with other unread books.

capricorn: meraki; to do something with soul, creativity, or love, when you leave a piece of yourself in your work.

aquarius: occhiolism; the awareness of the smallness of your perspective.

pisces: jouska; hypothetical conversation that you compulsively play out in your head.

The Signs Texting

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  • Starts a conversation then never replies: Sagittarius, Libra
  • Takes like 5 years to text back: Capricorn, Aries, Aquarius
  • Reads your message but forgets to reply: Taurus, Pisces, Cancer, Leo
  • Starts a conversation and tries to make it last: Virgo, Gemini, Scorpio




1.. ARIES- the liar

(the Ram – 21 March 19 April)
* Outgoing.
* Lovable.
* Spontaneous.
* Not one to mess with.
* Funny.
* EXCELLENT kisser.
* EXTREMELY adorable.
* Loves relationships.
* Addictive.
* Loud.
16 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

2. TAURUS – The Tramp

(the Bull – 20 April 20 May)
* Aggressive.
* Loves being in long relationships.
* Likes to give a good fight for what they want.
* Extremely outgoing.
* Loves to help people in times of need.
* GOOD kisser.
* GOOD personality.
* Stubborn but a caring person.
* One of a kind.
* Not one to mess with.
* Usually are the most attractive people.
15 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

3. GEMINI – Irresistible

(the Twins – 21 May 21 June)
* Nice.
* Love is one of a kind.
* Great listener.
* Lover not a fighter, but will still knock you out.
* Trustworthy.
* Always happy.
* Loud.
* Talkative.
* Not one to mess with.
* Freak.
* Outgoing.
* VERY Forgiving.
* Loves to make friends.
* Has a beautiful smile.
* Generous.
* Strong.
* The Irresistible one.
9 years of bad luck if you do not reblog

4.  CANCER – The Cutie

(the Crab – 22 June 22 July)
* Most AMAZING kisser..Very high appeal.
* Love is one of a kind.
* Very romantic.
* Most caring person you will ever meet!
* Very creative.
* Extremely random and proud of it.
* Freak.
* Spontaneous.
* Great at telling stories.
* Not a fighter, but will knock your lights out if it comes down to it.
* Someone you should hold on to.
12 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

5. LEO – The Lion

(the Lion – 23 July – 22 August)
* Great talker.
* Attractive and passionate.
* Laid back.
* Knows how to have fun.
* Is really good at almost anything.
* GREAT kisser.
* Unpredictable.
* Outgoing.
* Down to earth.
* Addictive.
* Attractive.
* Loud.
* Loves being in long relationships.
* Talkative.
* Not one to mess with.
* Freak.
* Rare to find.
* Good when found.
7 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

6. VIRGO – The One that Waits

(the Virgin – 23 August 22 September)
* Dominant in relationships.
* Someone loves them right now.
* Always wants the last word.
* Caring.
* Smart.
* Loud.
* Loyal.
* Easy to talk to.
* Everything you ever wanted.
* Easy to please.
* The one and only.
7 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.


(the Balance – 23 September 23 October)
* Nice to everyone they meet.
* Their Love is one of a kind.
* Independent, yet likes company
* Great kisser.
* Always smiling, loves to laugh.
* Silly, fun and sweet.
* Have own unique sex appeal.
* Most caring person you will ever meet!
* However not the kind of person you want to mess with…you might end   up crying.
9 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

8. SCORPIO – The Addict

(the Scorpion – 24 October 21 November)
* EXTREMELY adorable.
*Good Lover
* Intelligent.
* Loves to joke.
* Very good sense of humor.
* Energetic.
* GOOD kisser.
* Always get what they want.
* Attractive.
* Easy going.
* Loves being in long relationships.
* Talkative.
* Romantic.
* Caring.
4 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

9. SAGITTARIUS – The Promiscuous One

(the Archer – 22 November 21 December)
* Spontaneous.
* High appeal.
* Rare to find.
* Great when found.
* Loves being in long relationships.
* So much love to give.
* Not one to mess with.
* Very attractive.
* Very romantic.
* Nice to everyone they meet.
* Their Love is one of a kind.
* Silly, fun and sweet.
* Have their own unique appeal.
* Most caring person you will ever meet!
* Not the kind of person you wanna fuck with because you might end up   crying.
4 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

10. CAPRICORN – The Passionate Lover

(the Goat – 22 December 19 January)
* Love to bust.
* Nice.
* Sassy.
* Intelligent.
* Sexy.
* Irresistible.
* Loves being in long relationships.
* Great talker.
* Always gets what he or she wants.
* Cool.
* Loves to own Gemini’s in sports.
* Extremely fun.
* Loves to joke.
* Smart.
24 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

11. AQUARIUS – Does It In The Water

(the Water Bearer – 20 January 18 February)
* Trustworthy.
* Attractive.
* GREAT kisser.
* One of a kind.
* Loves being in long-term relationships.
* Extremely energetic.
* Unpredictable.
* Will exceed your expectations.
* Not a Fighter, but will knock your lights out if it comes down to it.
2 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.

12. PISCES – The Partner for Life

(the Fishes – 19 February 20 March)
* Caring and kind.
* Smart.
* Center of attention.
* High appeal.
* Has the last word.
* Good to find, hard to keep.
* Fun to be around.
* Extremely weird but in a good way.
* Good Sense of Humor!!!
* Thoughtful.
* Always gets what he or she wants.
* Loves to joke.
* Very popular.
* Silly, fun and sweet.
* Loves being in long relationships.
2 years of bad luck if you do not reblog.



God damn, 9 years of bad luck? Nah son, I won’t deal with the shit for that long…

Aries: Adrenaline
Taurus: Contentment
Gemini: Unhappiness
Cancer: Worry
Leo: Satisfaction
Virgo: Misunderstood
Libra: Love
Scorpio: Heartbreak
Sagittarius: Isolation
Capricorn: Fatigue
Aquarius: Empty
Pisces: Confusion

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Combine your chinese zodiac and astrology sign to make your true fursona

i still hate this post so much. i’m an ox and a taurus. i’m a bull bull. i’m so fucking annoyed oh m y go d

Aquarius + Horse = Unicorn


aries: damn you guys need to open your eyes to what you have, realize the people who love you before they’re gone and your chance is gone. tell the girl you love her, or the boy. hold their anger in too much, need to learn how to let things out. best friends you will ever have if you get them to open up. will give you the world if they want you. can give up easily, but they are very sensitive. when they get hurt, they shut down. they want to escape. nice souls.

taurus: damn you guys need to realize that it is completely okay to reach out for help when you need it. very sweet souls but need to be more open to talking about emotions in general. always have good taste in music. someone you can text in the middle of the night if you’re having a hard time. don’t forget your worth and how much your life means to everyone and try not to get sucked into your emotions. talk to people. be open.

gemini: you guys need to stop putting up a hard shell just because you’re afraid of getting hurt. it’s okay to be gentle and caring right off the bat, not everyone you meet it going to hurt you, i promise. definitely one of the more funny signs and strongly opinionated. very sensitive and genuine people when you get to the core, emotional in a good way.

cancer: prone to making bad choices when hurt. need to learn to take care of themselves, but damn are they warriors, they fight through everything like it’s no big deal even if they’re dying inside. such beautiful souls with such kind hearts. they hold a lot of emotions in but they’re so full of love. they have stories you wouldn’t believe. need to be more optimistic about the future when they start getting upset. such kind souls. much love.

leo: listen up y’all, it’s okay to be insecure. it’s okay to be hurt. it’s okay to feel sad. let your pride down sometimes and just feel everything. your friends won’t leave you because you’re sad. you’re such sensitive little things and so authentic i love it. you want to be happy so bad that you keep on fighting like the lion you are and it’s great. it’s okay to break down sometimes and you gotta remember that. even lions have things to get through. you’ll be okay, but keep your chin up and remember things get better.

virgo; be yourself and be what you want, don’t let people get in the way of that, okay? i know how you guys want success, and to make people proud. but you have to let go sometimes to find out who you are. very determined little things you are. i’ve never met one of you that couldn’t make me laugh and you gotta hold onto that. you guys can be opinionated and you gotta tone it down sometimes but you guys are such a tough sign and people admire you.

libra: it’s okay to be unsure sometimes, you guys do so many things for other people that you forget that you exist and have needs too. please remember you deserve the world just as much as anyone else. one of the nicest signs in my opinion. very open to talk to literally anybody. also a very funny sign but sometimes can forget to tell people that you’re really not okay. please take care of yourselves.

scorpio: don’t let the anger consume you. sometimes you guys have a hard time letting go of things that you simply have no control over. the past is gone. you guys have very big hearts, even though you’re hesitant to show it. deep down you do have an emotional side and so much to say about everything. one of the best friends i’ve had tbh. can be worried of how people think of them resulting in maybe seeming “rude”, but they’re usually not.

sagittarius: i know you love some people so much, but you have to let them go. you guys love people so intensely and its admirable but sometimes it just gets you hurt. very sensitive sign honestly. they love being in love, they go looking for it too hard sometimes. let love come naturally and learn to focus on yourself. sometimes you hold grudges too long. basically just bad at letting go. need more confidence in yourselves and to be okay with being alone. you’re very lovable people, you just gotta believe it honestly.

capricorn: don’t be insecure or anxious about how people think of you. you’re a very admirable sign. definitely need to not choose people who hurt you when it comes to relationships. very sensitive sign. but also very unique and usually have something quirky (but adorable) about them. learn to be proud of yourselves for who you are b/c you guys are some creative mother fuckers. learn to love yourselves more.

aquarius: sometimes you guys can be kind of blunt and hurt people, so be sure to watch that. very sensitive individuals though, and very good listeners. always down to help people. make sure not to get lost in your emotions too much and go with the flow. usually very attractive people in this sign and while beautiful, they have a very big heart as well. your emotions and vibe in general attracts people.

pisces: try not to let your thoughts consume you, i know how you guys get. you’re really great people, and always give great advice. your emotions are not a bad thing and you need to be nice to yourself when it comes to that. don’t let people hurt you, and learn to stand up for yourself. you guys have very big hearts and you’re probably the friendliest sign. people can come to you for anything and i admire that you’re always willing to help