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Just got back from seeing Star Trek Beyond – I enjoyed it a lot! 

Loads of great bits in there and Jaylah didn’t annoy me (I thought she might). The only bit I disliked was that they fucked with my favourite line from the trailers – seriously why fuck with it? it was genius!! I can’t even tell you what they changed it to as I was too distraught when I realised it had changed.

There was a tear-jerker moment that had a double whammy impact and a nice memoriam message at the end. 

If anyone wants to chat about it/has any questions, feel free to send me a message 🙂

Whoo-hoo it’s Star Trek Beyond day! I don’t think I’ve looked forward to a film being released in recent years as much as this one. I’ve got tickets for the 16:00 showing (it’s currently 11:00 so got a while yet). I know it’s going to be incredibly bittersweet with the passing of Anton and I’m so not ready for that aspect :,(

I have high hopes for the actual film though, lets hope they’re not destroyed. Oh and got my geek top sorted.

So remember a short while ago when I was begging forgiveness for taking forever getting part 3 of the coma Cut & Run fic done?

My excuse at the time was – something distracting and anxiety filled – it was a job application & interview. I got offered the job, this lead to more aaaarrrrrrgh while the vetting process was being done not to mention epic secret keeping. Anyhoo it’s all done now, officially been offered it and today worked my last day for the NHS (bringing my total service there to 8 years)

I have a week of annual leave now to try and relax (ha!) before starting in my new job which is pretty much all I’ve wanted to do and related to my degree. It might have taken a 9 year detour through a night club and the NHS but I’ve actually gotten to where I want to be (hopefully)….it still doesn’t feel real O.o 

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Noticed this on my bus route home from work…

…like I need the advert, my ticket for the 22nd is already booked! Also glad it’s 3D, can hide my tears at the bittersweetness of seeing Chekov, behind the glasses. It’s gunna be a tough one.

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I need to get up and go to a hen party tomorrow and I’m currently googling ‘Absinthe cocktails’….I need to be stopped and/or distracted. Surely this can’t end well O.o

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I was tagged by @stilesisbi-au  <3!

nickname: I get ‘Kel’ sometimes but that’s about it

star sign: Aquarius

height: No idea, probably around 5′3′’ maybe, a shorty when compared to most 

time right now: 20:31

last thing you googled: Erm I remember google mapping my hotel in Disney recently, not sure if it’s the last thing I looked for though

favourite music artist: Rammstein are my long term fave’s though right now I’m loving Rev Theory

song stuck in your head: Hell Yeah – Rev Theory

last movie you watched: ‘Heaven’ possibly, can’t really recall

last tv show you watched: ‘Ship to Shore’ yes the early 90′s Aussie show that was on Nickelodeon – I’ve been working my way through old VHS’s that I taped of the telly to see if they’re worth hanging onto, so nostalgic!

what are you wearing right now: HAHAHAHA oh god, some amazing post work comfortness – pinkish/purple cropped pj bottoms, Harry Potter socks, army green tank top and a massive Rammstein hoodie from their 2002 European tour – I should point out that I did not see this tour, in fact this hoodie isn’t even mind. I found it behind the bar I used to work in (back in 2008) and put it on cos I was cold – no one ever claimed it. I have no idea who it belongs to but it’s hella comfy  

when did you create your blog: Archive says……January 2011

what kind of stuff do you post?: Pretty space pictures, Cut & Run related stuff, Karl Urban, Chris Pine and occasionally Jeremy Renner, Star Trek, some McKirk and anything else that catches my eye or I relate too

do you have other blogs?: On here nope – do have Twitter and LJ (hardly use but look at flist)

do you get asks on a regular basis: Nope

why did you choose your url?: One of my managers (at McHell yrs ago) nicknamed me and my mate the ‘Twinkle Twins’ and called me the ‘Dark’ one since I was more Gothy than my mate. When I made my LJ back in 2006 I chose Darktwinkle based on this.  

I’m going to tag @daisy-is-not-a-flower  @mahmah-tee @lovefushsia @marathonmary @jmp7095 & @raininginadelaide (only if you want to guys!) along with anyone else that wants to give this ago 🙂

ummm let me think

– Random surprises, the kind where someone’s thought about me. It not even big things, receiving an ask or being tagged in something makes me stupidly happy. 

– Loud music (I’m not a dick so loud via headphones counts and is normally the case)

– Driving (to loud music) 

–  Waking up an hour before my alarm. There’s something awesome about thinking ‘hell yeah, get to lay here and do nothing for a hour’

– Finding a new show or otp to consume my thoughts for the next however long. 

Thanks Anon! this fell into point 1 and made me happy 😛 also I’m so sorry for the late reply…I couldn’t think of happy then I forgot